Charles MartinCharles J. Martin is the founder of Literati Press Comics & Novels and owns a curated book shop in the Paseo Arts District. He is the author of seven novels, three comic series, and written screenplays for two feature length films entering pre-production. He also co-hosts Ink & Draw every Sunday at 4pm which mentors comic book creators across the metro.


Glamorella's Daughter, co-written by Charles J. Martin

Glamorella's Daughter

Comet is an inquisitive young girl with Asperger’s Syndrome and a mother who happens to be Earth’s greatest defender. While Comet yearns for a quiet existence with towers of books and the occasional game night at her friend’s house, Glamorella revels in her adventure-filled life and the glitzy soirées that accompany her superhero fame. As a threat looms from Glamorella’s home world, Comet and her mother must overcome their differences to protect the Earth together.


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