Desiree WebberDesiree Webber is the author of two books for children: The Buffalo Train Ride, and Bone Head: Story of the Longhorn. Both were named Oklahoma Book Award Finalists and The Buffalo Train Ride was named an Oklahoma Centennial Book. In addition, Webber received the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Author’s Award for The Buffalo Train Ride. Webber is a former journalist and library director. She graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Communications and from the University of Oklahoma with a Master’s in Library and Information Studies. She is the author of four professional books for librarians and educators. Webber speaks to all ages about the remarkable story of forward-thinking individuals who placed fifteen buffalo in train cars to start the nation’s first bison refuge.

About The Buffalo Train Ride

The Buffalo Train RideIt was a cold October night when a passenger train containing fifteen buffalo departed from New York City. Inside one of the train cars, Bronx Zoo photographer Elwin Sanborn burrowed into his bed of hay. Next to him sat a large wooden crate containing a massive bison. Suddenly, through the slats emerged a long, narrow, purple tongue. It wrapped itself around a thatch of hay and jerked. Sanborn sat up with a start. He wondered if his bed would last the night but decided his ill-mannered roommate could have all the hay he wanted. Only wooden slates separated him from a powerful set of horns. Tonight, and the next, and the next, he would sleep on the floor alongside this bed-robbing buffalo. But what an adventure! Sanborn and two other men were traveling from New York state to Oklahoma Territory to save the bison from extinction…if, all things happened as planned.

The Buffalo Train Ride tells the incredible story of how humanity almost destroyed the American bison but then reversed itself to save this magnificent animal. What started with a plea from Comanche Leader Quanah Parker to President Theodore Roosevelt, ended with an 1,800-mile train ride for fifteen buffalo to the first federal bison preserve in the United States.

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