Jerry BennettJerry Bennett is a full time artist creating comic books, children's books and shirt designs for licensed brands (Lucasfilm, Marvel, Saban). He's also storyboarded for Mattel and Dreamworks, and created animated book trailers for Scholastic and Lerner Children's Books. He also art directed Even in Death, an award-winning animated short, with talented students on the autism spectrum. Jerry created licensed hand drawn sketchcards for Star WarsWalking DeadStranger ThingsOutlander and MST3K that are randomly distributed in their trading card packs.

Bennett recently debuted his work on an original comic book titled Glamorella’s Daughter, about a 10-year-old girl on the autism spectrum and her relationship with her superhero mother, which was written by Chris Martin.

Glamorella's Daughter, artwork by Jerry Bennett

Glamorella's Daughter

Comet is an inquisitive young girl with Asperger’s Syndrome and a mother who happens to be Earth’s greatest defender. While Comet yearns for a quiet existence with towers of books and the occasional game night at her friend’s house, Glamorella revels in her adventure-filled life and the glitzy soirées that accompany her superhero fame. As a threat looms from Glamorella’s home world, Comet and her mother must overcome their differences to protect the Earth together.


Jerry Bennett Artwork- X-Men
Jerry Bennett Walking Dead art
Jerry Bennett Art- Avengers
Jerry Bennett art
Jerry Bennett Art- Chewbacca and BB8
Sketchcards by Jerry Bennett