Michael Taylor


Michael Taylor graduated Harvard College and later sold emerging market and mortgage bonds at Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Michael writes the syndicated weekly column “The Smart Money” for Hearst Corporation’s San Antonio Express News and Houston Chronicle newspapers, where he has built an audience eager for practical, humorous, clear and sophisticated financial knowledge.



About The Financial Rules for New College Graduates: Invest before Paying Off Debt―and Other Tips Your Professors Didn't Teach You

The Financial Rules for New College GraduatesMichael’s book The Financial Rules For New College Graduates: Invest Before Paying Off Debt And Other Tips Your Professors Didn’t Teach You (ABC-CLIO Praeger, 2018) is an accessible and practical personal finance guide to young adults, or anyone seeking guidance amidst a world that makes finance more complicated than it needs to be. His life mission is to make finance accessible to an educated, but non-expert audience.

  • Demonstrates how simple choices, especially in the years after college, can guarantee (barring misfortunes such as catastrophic illness or drug addiction) a lifelong, healthy relationship with money
  • Illustrates how to apply the attitudes inherent in modesty, skepticism, and optimism to all financial decision-making, both upon graduating and in the future
  • Includes a math refresher for understanding the basic principles of interest rates, credit card debt, investment, and retirement savings
  • Demystifies without boring, simplifies without condescending to, and above all highlights the relevance and practical applications of financial planning during one's first ten years out of school

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