Susan KiteSusan Kite has always enjoyed writing, but began seriously crafting stories twenty-five years ago. Fan-fiction was the main focus at first, but a visit to the Mission San Luis triggered her first novel, My House of Dreams. The Mendel Experiment, Blue Fire, Power Stone of Alogol, and a middle school fantasy, Realms of the Cat followed.

The author has English and Instructional Media degrees from Utah State University. She worked in public school libraries, mostly in Tennessee, for 35 years. Now retired, Ms. Kite lives in Oklahoma City near her daughter’s family.

About Realms of the Cat

Realms of the CatTB is perfectly happy as a free city cat until he learns he has lived another life in an alternate universe. The human girl in his former family is in danger and TB is assigned to go through an inter-dimensional portal and protect her. Instead of protecting her, he has made it possible for someone to kidnap the little girl. Now TB must gather a team of cats and dogs to go back through the portal and rescue her. At the same time, he must figure out why all of the city's dogs are disappearing.


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