Susan York MeyersSusan York Meyers is the author of books ranging from picture books to YA. Her works include the award winning picture book, Grrr…Night! In addition to her children’s writing, Susan is also the author of Two Little Old Ladies: It’s all in the Attitude,a humorous inspirational book combining both fiction and devotionals. You can find out more about Susan’s books and her writing at "Grrr night, sleep tight, eat a bedbug tonight!"

About Two Little Old Ladies

Two Little Old Ladies

"When your late husband worked downtown, thongs were something people wore on their feet," Lillybelle Maudine Granger told her sister, Annabelle Verline Kingston. Whether trying to imagine heaven ("Wouldn't a purple halo be nice?"), playing matchmaker for the youth minister, or helping a stressed-out young mother, this pair of seventy-something senior citizens tackle it with flair and humor. Because, for these two old ladies, it's all in the attitude!

A humorous, inspirational collection of vignettes, starring two elderly sisters.

About I Spy Something Wicked

I Spy Something WickedSince she was little, Tessa has believed in Andre. When she inherits her uncle's house, she goes back to Ama, Oklahoma, determined to solve the mystery of the man her uncle told her didn't exist. But once she gets to Ama, Tessa finds more than one mystery.

How did her uncle really die?

And what do you do when you find the tall, dark and handsome man of your dreams, one that even cooks and cleans?

Too bad he's dead.

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