Xavier Garza

Xavier Garza


Xavier Garza is the author of numerous books for kids, including Juan and the Chupacabras / Juan y el Chupacabras (Piñata Books, 2006) and Lucha Libre: The Man in the Silver Mask (Cinco Puntos Press, 2005), both of which were chosen by Texas schoolchildren as their favorite books on the Tejas Star Reading List. He lives with his family in San Antonio, Texas.

About Just One Itsy Bitsy Little Bite / Sólo Un Mordadita Chiquitita

Just One Itsy Bitsy Little Bite“I love pan de muerto,” Joaquín says as he and his mother sit down to eat the special Mexican sweet bread prepared especially for the Day of the Dead. But someone knocks at the door just as they are about to take the first bite of the pastry.

Standing at the door is a hungry skeleton dressed in a mariachi suit who offers to sing Joaquín and his mother a song in exchange for just one itsy bitsy little bite of the sweet bread. It seems like a fair exchange, so they agree to share. But before the skeleton can begin singing, two more knock at the door and offer to play their accordions for just one bite of the bread. And then, three show up and want to play their guitars, four want to play their maracas and five want to dance—all for just one itsy bitsy little bite of the Mexican sweet bread!

About Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the Chupacabras / Vincent Ventura Y El Misterio Del Chupacabras

Vincent Ventura and the Mystery of the ChupacabrasWhen stray dogs start disappearing from the neighborhood, Vincent's dad thinks that maybe the Animal Control Department is finally doing its job. But then, Mrs. Rangel's celebrity chihuahua Chato, who appeared in television commercials promoting tacos, disappears. And Mrs. García's weiner dog and Mrs. West's poodle go missing. Everyone in the neighborhood is puzzled, but Vincent Ventura has a theory.

The disappearances started when Mr. Calaveras moved into the house at 666 Duende Street, which is rumored to be haunted. Vincent knows he's not the harmless but grumpy guy that everyone else sees. He's convinced the old man is behind the rash of missing dogs. In fact, Vincent is sure he's a monster, a blood-sucking beast known as el chupacabras!

Vincent enlists the aid of his cousin Michelle, the smartest student at their school, and her twin brother Bobby to spy on the suspected killer. Vincent Ventura, monster fighter extraordinaire, is determined to catch him in the act, even if it puts them all in danger!